The center of the family
Always smiling and caring
My father is the one
Who is always bearing

Bearing the workload of support
And the arguments within
Always working hard
To find the perfect balance

Family gathered ’round
You can clearly see his face
All of us adore him
Assuming he’s not late

My father is the one
Who we all love and admire
I want to be like him someday
Loving, caring, and cherishing


Raised by Geeks

I was born in a house where everything got lost

Here in Highland, Utah, the epicenter of the entire town

But both my father and my mother were brought up in the rank, humid air of California

They only lived just a few blocks apart, but never knew each other

Now we are here, and I and my five brothers are all technical geeks

Every day we sit, staring at the screens, until we collapse

We just work that way

Without technology, we would be nothing

The Dive Game

I approach with excitement
Towel dangling on my shoulder
Throwing it aside

I jump into the water

Immediately I’m engulfed
In the cool tickle of bliss
Closing my eyes tight

Sinking down like a rock

I set out to find a penny
To be used as a target
In this silly game of diving

I collide with brown hair

Without knowing, without seeing
I had bonked into a girl
Diving down in tandem

Next to me

She eyes me strangely
Causing me to rocket away
An apologetic look on my face

Why was that girl there?

I resurface for air
And she follows me
“Sorry” I say.

I need to mind my space

She simply gives me a wink
Letting me know of my reprieve
Sighing, I swim on

Hoping she’ll follow me

Raised by Mormons

A house, ever shining
With paint and photographs
Brimming in the sunshine
Like a candle on fire

Our house was the center
Of everything we did
A spacious home, as it was
Filled with family

Seven children, I’m the last
Always being bossed
“Do this! Do that!”
I’m completely lost!

But through the turf and toil
A bright light is shining
The overpowering sensation of love
And family, and union

I was raised by Mormons

The Smartphone

Sometimes you have to regress
Sometimes you recede
Other times you’re outgoing
Then other times, you see

Regressing to the iPhone
Always there for you
It brings comfort to your soul
You in the blue bayou

Put that away, she commands
Instantly I’m mad
I don’t want to, I reply
It’s my only tie to land

Today’s lesson is at hand
You cannot be off
In this wonderland of yours
Where I would simply scoff

I glare back at the teacher
Fists clenched on my lap
How could she do such a thing
As this? It’s all a trap!

School is for the dumb, I say
It is not for me
I’m done with this place
And I plan to leave

I straighten up in my stool
Ready to fight out
Of this ridiculous place
This place of bad insight

All I want is to be free
From the bonds of life
Always able to be me
Bliss, for eternity

So why do I feel this way?
I want to live life
To it’s fullest, and be free
To do what I may like

But I just don’t get it all
Why is it this way?
Why do I have to do things
That just ruin my day?

Why must I work?
I want to lie down
Down on my bed
In my nightgown

But as hard as I try
I just can’t do it
Why is this, I shout
And throw off my blanket

In the mirror I stare
Back at my own reflection
I look terrible
Why the look of perplexion?

I’m just so lost
I don’t know why
But whenever I try
I always wish to die

Nobody cares for me
No, not a single soul
Why would they?
I’m not all that special!

Life is about joy
Not grief, not pain
It’s about finding it
Through the misery

Life is good
It’s never all that bad
As terrible as it may seem
It always stands tall, like wood

Tell These Things

Tell these things of truthfulness
That they may then know
Of your problems, of your guilt
And of your greatest throw

Tell these things of glory
So they can see
All of the things you do
To you, and to me

Tell these things of happiness
So the world will turn
Turn, and see a glorious sight
The sight of you returned

Tell these things of faithfulness
For everyone does care
About you, and others
May see you there

Tell these things of solitude
For all are alone
Alone in thought, in peace
And in servitude

Tell these things of life
Life, joy, and greatness
Tell these things of darkness
That overshadows you

Tell these things of fear
That the world may see
You in a brighter light
And how you shed your tears

Tell these things of death
For everyone is drowning
In the dark waters of life
Pulled down to the depths

Tell these things
Tell them that you may see
The light in yourself, and in
Others that you may believe

Stolen Poetry

We’ll run where lights can’t chase us
We’ll go where we need to go
Always making a big fuss

There are some millionaires
And I don’t believe I’m wrong
Their wives run round like banshees
To cure their hearts of stone

It was many and many a year ago,
All night a veil,
And stars, in their orbits,
I gazed awhile

I cannot pretend
No objection was made
In point of composition
Consequence of an agreement

I don’t want to play
I’m done with this game
What’s the best way to
get down from a goose?

A gyroplane flying back
It is unknown why
According to the reports
It took a long time to die