Tell These Things

Tell these things of truthfulness
That they may then know
Of your problems, of your guilt
And of your greatest throw

Tell these things of glory
So they can see
All of the things you do
To you, and to me

Tell these things of happiness
So the world will turn
Turn, and see a glorious sight
The sight of you returned

Tell these things of faithfulness
For everyone does care
About you, and others
May see you there

Tell these things of solitude
For all are alone
Alone in thought, in peace
And in servitude

Tell these things of life
Life, joy, and greatness
Tell these things of darkness
That overshadows you

Tell these things of fear
That the world may see
You in a brighter light
And how you shed your tears

Tell these things of death
For everyone is drowning
In the dark waters of life
Pulled down to the depths

Tell these things
Tell them that you may see
The light in yourself, and in
Others that you may believe


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