The Dive Game

I approach with excitement
Towel dangling on my shoulder
Throwing it aside

I jump into the water

Immediately I’m engulfed
In the cool tickle of bliss
Closing my eyes tight

Sinking down like a rock

I set out to find a penny
To be used as a target
In this silly game of diving

I collide with brown hair

Without knowing, without seeing
I had bonked into a girl
Diving down in tandem

Next to me

She eyes me strangely
Causing me to rocket away
An apologetic look on my face

Why was that girl there?

I resurface for air
And she follows me
“Sorry” I say.

I need to mind my space

She simply gives me a wink
Letting me know of my reprieve
Sighing, I swim on

Hoping she’ll follow me


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