Seven-Point-Plot Outline

  1. Hook
    • Amanda goes about a normal day, up to watching the sunset
    • “Little did she know that that sunset… Would be her last.”
    • Darkness falls
    • Amanda meets Ben in the confusion, Ben explains what’s going on
    • Ben takes her to his house to get out of the anarchy
  2. Plot Turn 1
    • The Unknowns take control of the U.S. government
    • Amanda subconsciously recognizes her father, the leader of the Unknowns
    • Ben and Amanda discuss what to do next
  3. Pinch 1
    • The resistance begins its undercover recruitment operation
    • Amanda wants to join it, but Ben’s family strongly suggests against it
    • A quiet internal fight begins in Amanda on whether to go and fight, or to stay and risk enslavement or worse
  4. Midpoint
    • Amanda’s decision is made, Ben wishes to join her
    • After much convincing, Ben’s family concedes
    • They say goodbye and head for the hidden trainee camp
  5. Pinch 2
    • After much training, Ben and Amanda join the squad in charge of undermining Unknown authority
    • They attempt many operations, most of which fail
    • However, one succeeds and they capture one of the higher-up Unknowns who knows a lot of information
  6. Plot Turn 2
    • Amanda finds out that Unknowns’ leader is her father
    • After her mental breakdown, Amanda swears to kill her father even if it means dying herself
    • The resistance begins forming the final operation
  7. Resolution
    • The final operation is carried out and Amanda comes face-to-face with her father
    • They have a long grueling conversation
    • Finally, Amanda fights him one-on-one, barely making it out alive
    • The Unknowns’ dictatorship is shattered, leaving anarchy in its wake

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