Love at Re-Sight

One fateful night two years ago, I was sitting at my table, perusing Facebook on my iPad. The day had been difficult: I had mowed the lawn, weeded the front flowerbeds, and cleaned the guest bathroom. My arms were sore and my eyes were drooping, my body screaming at me that I had to go to bed.

‘No,’ I told myself, ‘No, I don’t want to go to bed yet.’

Continuing to browse, my thoughts drifted back through my past school years. In the summertime, of course, you had no school, but it was looming upon me like a Sabor-Toothed Tiger, ready to tear and maul away at me with no end in sight.

But my thoughts were brought back to the present when I spotted something: A little green dot on my iPad screen brought forth by Facebook’s sidebar. The simulated letters next to it were what caught my attention, spelling a name that I had not spoken in three years:

Jennifer Linda Howes.

I instantly fell into a fit of nostalgia as I traveled back in time, all the way back to fifth grade. My thoughts fell on a girl that I knew, specifically on a time when we were sitting together, drawing Zelda comics in a notebook. We shared a common love for the series and often dreamed up ways we could go on vacation together in our futures.

I instantly tapped her name, my heart beating quicker than it ever had, as I quickly tapped out a message to her. Ignoring the few spelling errors autocorrect could not overcome, I tapped the send button quicker than I ever had before. Then, I slumped back in wait.

Jennifer (or as I came to call her, Jenny) was a mid-sized, blonde girl who I had become very good friends with over the years. We shared tons of common interests to the point where we could almost finish each others’ sentences. Without a doubt, she was my elementary school crush.

But suddenly, in sixth grade, she disappeared. Her mother had transferred her to a different school for reasons I could not figure out. I even asked her once (she worked at my school) and she told me that she thought it was better for her.

So we hadn’t spoken in three years. Two innocent children, loving each other yet not knowing it, separated for reasons unknown.

I waited in anticipation as the girl of my dreams read my message, then began to send one back. My eyes dialated and my hands shook, then it happened:

“Caleb!” it read, “I haven’t talked to you in ages! How have you been?”

And from there it went, catching up and exchanging phone numbers less than five minutes later. And less than a day later, I had confessed my love to her and her to me. Two seventh graders, fallen hopelessly in love with each other, never to be separated again.

To this day, she has never given me any reason to doubt that she is my perfect companion. And although we’re not perfect, two high schoolers in a relationship as long-lasting as this one has been are not to be trifled with. She is my girlfriend to this day, and I hope she will continue to be throughout the years to come, and maybe even for eternity, if all goes well.


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